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Jeans With See-Through iPhone Pocket

incrediblethings: In a move that proves our tech obsession has overcome any desire of being fashionable, here are jeans equipped with a see-through pocket so you can use your iPhone while it’s in your pocket. Yes because god forbid you take the damn thing out to use it. I bet the kinda person who would wear these atrocities is the same type of person who goes out to the bar with his friends, yet spends the entire time on his iPhone Twitting, Facebookering, or whatever kids do these days instead of socializing like human beings. I get the convenience aspect, I do.

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Crazay3427d ago

That has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever been privy to know. "Look at me - I'm cool cause I have an iPhone like everyone else". Dumb dumb dumb.

iSpy3427d ago

Even on a bike this would be ridiculous. Pedaling doesn't exactly make it easy to use something attached to the leg. Someone should tell the designer of these jeans...sometimes less is more.