Digg Sold For Just $500,000 To Betaworks

TechDeville: Digg just confirmed the news through an official blog post that they’ve been sold to Betaworks for just $500,000.


The $500,000 refers to Digg's programming assets, and does not include employees and other sub-related items.

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Omega Zues2289d ago

Yeah, just goes to show how easy the rise and fall can be.

Speed-Racer2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

A shame... I lost faith in Digg when they did nothing to curb the power users. While their downfall really came with Version 4, they were already losing quite a bit of traffic long before the switch.

AgentWhite2290d ago

Very true The Digg 4 was really complex and the value of power users was diminished . I guess the algo failed to attract users .

AgentWhite2289d ago

can we hope for a new and better version of digg now ?

Captain Tuttle2289d ago

It's called Reddit. For technology is called Tech Spy :)

DeFFeR2289d ago

reddit - yes. Tech spy - not quite.

iSpy2289d ago

Shame what happened to that site.

SJIND2289d ago

This story makes a sixteen-million times more sense.