How low will Nokia stock have to go before Microsoft buys the company?

ComputerWorld - Nokia's stock price is falling through the basement -- down to $1.82 as I write this, around the same price it was trading back in 1994. How low does Nokia's stock need to go before Microsoft steps in and buys it?

At this price, Nokia is worth less than $6.9 billion. Although that's not chump change, even for Microsoft, buying it would be a good deal for Microsoft -- maybe even a necessary one. Nokia is Microsoft's biggest partner by far for Windows phones, and without Nokia, the struggling smartphone operating system won't likely survive.

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SJIND2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

To Survive Nokia should use Android OS.

technologist2315d ago

huge success of Samsung is due to android .. Nokia should also adapt android to become more successful !!

bahabeast2305d ago

letting microsoft swing them into goin the windows phone way was a dumb move by nokia now they spent all that money rebranding and the lumnia is a realli nice phone but for some reason people just dnt like windows phone 7. microsoft only did it soo nokia can fall deeper into problems and they will just but it and destroy the nokia name that was one time on top of all phones.