Law Enforcement Wants Your Private Cellphone Data. Wireless Carriers Will Hand it Over, for a Fee.

slate: If cops or federal agents want to secretly listen in on your phone conversation, they generally need a court order. If they want to grab your cell phone records, however, a decent excuse and a little cash will often do the trick. Thanks to a new report from Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., we now know that law enforcement makes thousands of such requests every day.

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searchbuzz2317d ago

Thats naughty, but a good way to catch criminals in the act!

Crazay2317d ago

I used to work for a company that was in the business of information interception and have even helped set up lines for LEAs in the US and every single one of them had a court order number. At times, they will also have known accomplices and they will also be monitored but, unless things have changed in the US, they have to be actively monitoring it at the exact time the information is taking place otherwise it may NOT be used.

Interestingly, my friend who works for a Cdn based Telco says that this in formation can and will be obtained for certain things that DO NOT require a court order of any sort ie: for GOvernent Security Clearances, Name and Address verification, 911 calls.