FBI kills DNSChanger network, but how many will be affected?

Cnet: The FBI today made good on its promise to take down its DNSChanger network. But people who ignored warnings may find themselves unable to get online.
At 12:01 a.m. EDT today, the FBI shut down the DNS servers that had kept computers infected by the DNSChanger malware still able to connect to the Internet, according to the Washington Post.

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searchbuzz3431d ago

What on earth? This is old news man!

technologist3431d ago

this is a news about how many affected from the dnschanger !! i think you should read a full article carefully first !!

searchbuzz3431d ago

I did read your article, and this article, approved yesterday details how many people were affected by DNS Changer as you have stated.

maybe YOU should read previous articles fully first, rather than post a condescending comment such as you have.

technologist3431d ago

ohk i was 10 hours late in submitting this article but that's not 10 days :) !! but this is still a fresh news i guess !! apologizing for my last comment !!