Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed in 2012

TechTeria: Top tips are shared with you here so that you can know the best ways through which you can increase your Internet speed. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to enjoy using the Internet without any speed problems.

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searchbuzz2293d ago

Luckily Im linked on the same line that goes right into London, so we have a nice speed. :)

fatstarr2293d ago

or Just glitch your service and use the internet at random times.

something downloaded at 4am
will download way faster than prime time internet hours.

a_squirrel2292d ago

Dish out more money to upgrade internet. Done.

wishingW3L2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

where I live you pay for 5mb and you get 3.5MB, you pay for 1MB and you get like 600kb. That's how bad the infrastructure is... Not worth the money to upgrade because even if the transfer speed is wider the pin is like super high around 250 to 300. Obviously nowhere close to be good for gaming.

Speed-Racer2292d ago

"Speed of Internet Explorer..." - STOP RIGHT THERE

Based on the points though, the title is wrong. It should be "how to boost your browser's performance".

Doing those things won't actually make your Internet any faster. It will just allow you to browse at the speed you would have 'supposed' to be getting. Oh well.

gaffyh2292d ago

The use reserve broadband tip is also terrible.