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Top Camera Phones To Capture The Perfect Moment

TechFlashed : In todays world Phones are considered good if they have all round capabilities such as Camera, internet ,games etc . Camera has become the most important gadget of a person in this fast pace life . As Shot Taken by the camera will remain in their as a memory for a lifetime . Images are memory to cherish.Now the companies have started integrating cameras into the mobile phone. Smart Phone Cameras are getting better each passing day.

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fatstarr2294d ago

I think if you want to take a real good picture you should just go out and buy a decent used DSLR and take pics. claiming to be a photographer using cameraphones only hurts the industry like claiming to be a DJ and showing up with a browser addon that plays music or using youtube to dj a party.

AgentWhite2294d ago

Its not about professional photography .its about the phones which have the best cameras .

NewMonday2293d ago

Have to say the 4s camera is great, Appel software + Sony sensor

Sony should have advantage with their sensor hardware, but strange software divisions set them back, one problem is that photos don't look as good when displayed on another screen.

technologist2293d ago

After having 41 megapixel camera phone i don't think anyone after that needs a professional camera !!

Speed-Racer2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Any real professional knows that megapixels are not that important. For most people who view content on a screen, you don't really need above 14 megapixels. It comes down to the quality of your sensor, type of zoom lenses, shutter speeds, etc.

Edit - here's a supporting article

technologist2293d ago

nice supporting article !! thanks for correcting my knowledge :)

chukamachine2293d ago

cmos owns all.

Samsung s2 has a better camera then the 4s for both pictures and video.

I know i've got both.