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TheVerge - LG Optimus 4X HD review

TheVerge - LG's been all over the map with its phones recently. The Nitro HD is great hardware, but runs outdated (and frankly terrible) software. The Optimus L7 fixed the software problem, but is severely underpowered. The Spectrum is powerful, but poorly made. It seems like every time LG ties up one loose end, another one pops open. Well, they're all tied up now. The Optimus 4X HD has great software, and it's blistering fast. It's a well-made phone that's comfortable to use, and despite its skin's remaining aesthetic offenses it does add some useful new things to Android. The Optimus 4X HD feels like a flagship phone in a way none of LG's recent efforts have. If this device makes it to the US mostly unchanged (except to add LTE), LG might finally earn a spot near the top of the Android heap.

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