iPhones replace old-school room phones at Opus hotel

USA Today: As hotels try to offer guests technology they'll be able to both understand and use, one high-tech boutique hotel in Vancouver has come up with a novel approach -- replacing the arguably obsolete wireless hotel phone with an iPhone.

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SJIND2296d ago

Now Siri do Room Service also...

shackdaddy2295d ago

What's the point of this? It's a hotel. If anything, this would be a downgrade since other people probably use it to watch porn. Imagine holding your face to something someone else just used to whack off with. Gross...

LOL_WUT2295d ago

I hope more hotels do the same. Having a iPhone in your hotel really is useful and NOTHING comes close to it.

aDDicteD2293d ago

pretty soon most of the hotels will be replacing those with iphones