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Rumors Regarding Galaxy S2 Not Getting Jelly Bean Most Probably Fake, Here’s Why!

Chiphazard : Certain rumors have been circulating for the past few days regarding the fact that Galaxy S2 would not get, wait for it, Google’s latest OS Jelly Bean due to it Hardware Limitations. This rumor was originated from CP, which always cited non-credible sources.

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KingPin3432d ago

ofcoz its fake.

one way or the other the s2 will get jellybean. whether it be official or a cooked rom, it will have jellybean.

like the HTC desire z didnt get ICS, Andromadus Audacity Beta 5 says hello.

thats what i like about Android, if the manufacturers refuse to, the dedicated community will.

searchbuzz3432d ago

I hope its fake, as im sure it can run it and Android 4.0 wasnt as amazing as I thought it was going to be and I waited blooming ages for it.