The iPhone Is Boring

Slate: Five years ago, after waiting in line at the Apple Store for much of the day, I finally got my hands on the first iPhone. I rushed home, plugged it into iTunes, signed my life away to Apple, and activated service with AT&T. As I swiped and multi-touched over the next few hours, I felt the modern world come into focus.

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SJIND2298d ago

Apple should try something different in iPhone 5.

Aussiegamer2298d ago

They did they called it iphone 5.....hahahaha, see its already different. lol

KingPin2297d ago

Apple's innovator is gone. the man who implemented everything Apple is known for today is lost.

the company are now relying on old ideas and law suits.

after the first iphone which was awesome coz the closest competition was a nokia with symbian software. but since android, windows mobile is now nothing more than an option.

ThePundit2297d ago

Going by sales figures, it seems a lot of people are jumping onto that option though.

I always swear by Cyanogen modded droids.

gaffyh2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I agree, but the problem is, it's still the best phone in terms of software support on the market. I've been wanting to upgrade my old iPhone for a while, and have been looking at the Galaxy S3, but the backup/restore capability on iTunes and the fact that Apple tend to support the phone with new software for at least 3 years is making me wait until a new iPhone is announced.

Plus iOS is a hell of a lot more stable and safe than Android.

KingPin2297d ago

tell me you joking?

guess you havent heard of the "transfer" feature on android devices.

it allows you to basically copy every single contact/message/calendar appointment/etc from you old smartphone to your android via bluetooth.

about it being more stable, i been rocking froyo and gingerbread <both stock and cooked roms> as well as ICS and they all worked perfectly fine.

gaffyh2297d ago

Apple backup is a simple one click thing, that backs up the entire phone including apps and app data. That means when you get a new iPhone, you simple restore that backup on to the new phone, and voila, you're up and running exactly as you were before.

It's a hell of a lot easier than Android, which varies from vendor to vendor in terms of software support and stability.

KingPin2296d ago

you missed my point completely.

the thing with your apple backup is that you stuck on an iphone. the android backup you can move from any smartphone to android with minimal effort. however to transfer all data from nokia/BB to iphone for example you have to do a lot more work than you would to a Droid.

i understand what you mean about the apps. that is pretty cool. but the android market keeps track of all the apps you ever downloaded so u can just redownload them. nothing major.