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In China, Apple Is Being Sued Over the Snow Leopard Name

Micgadget: After Apple settled the “iPad” trademark dispute with Proview, the tech giant is facing another trademark lawsuit from a Chinese household chemical company called “Jiangsu Xuebao“. This Chinese company has resigstered the trademark of the Chinese translation of “Snow Leopard” — “Xuebao (雪豹)” for electrical equipment production in 2000 (the same year that Proview registered the IPAD trademark), and they claimed Apple’s Mac OS X “Snow Leopard” has violated the trademark of “Xuebao (雪豹)”.

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ChrisW3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

LOL! Won't fly. You cannot register pre-existing names as a trademark. However, it can cause confusion if the two products in question are greatly similar. But just like Mojang AB being taken to court by ZeniMax for the word "Scrolls", if the two products are vastly different then there is no infringement.

Silly Chinese companies trying to win a quick buck.

SnakeCQC3314d ago

lol appl getting a taste over their own BS