How Reddit Got Huge: Tons of Fake Accounts

MotherBoard : Is Reddit the most powerful website on the Internet? Yeah, that’s a pretty bold question to even be asking, especially considering it’s only ranked 121 on Alexa. But in terms of power, not traffic, Reddit is certainly up there. It’s huge, it’s deep, and it’s got an uncanny ability to push content into the viral zone (which should be the name of a TV show) and basically be the Internet’s tastemaker. But how did it get that way?

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AgentWhite3401d ago

No one imagined that reddit also have fake accounts ....and the reasons for success of reddit is also these fake accounts .

Speed-Racer3401d ago

It's actually a very common strategy these days on user driven sites (forums etc.)

AgentWhite3401d ago

But once you get caught just like reddit ...user tends to loose faith and the reputation of the website falls down .
It was shocking news that reddit faked it users .

Speed-Racer3401d ago

What are you talking about though? Reddit is one of the biggest social communities in the world, and they are gaining influence every day.

AgentWhite3401d ago

Indeed reddit is a biggest social communities but news like this always decreases the credibility of the website .The users can make the site go Booming at the same time users can be a reason for downfall of a social media site .

Speed-Racer3401d ago

This happened years ago though. They just did it to get things going and to set the tone for the future.

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Kur03400d ago

AgentWhite and Racer-X... are the same person!!!! Cue dramatic music

Speed-Racer3400d ago


*secretly makes 100000 accounts to populate TechSpy*

Human Analog3401d ago

We only have ourselves to blame. As a population, we need to follow trends, and be part of a popular group. All they did was set up the parameters by which they wanted to grow. The title of the article leads you to believe that they are doing it now, and still fooling us. It is a different set of circumstances when they are trying to get off the ground.

How many of us "padded" or resumes, or even while on the job.... "Oh yeah, I can totally drive an excavator. I'll do it until Jim gets back from vacation." Next thing you know you proved yourself, and can move forward.

I don't think it is that big of a deal.