A brief history of cell phone design

yahoo:In 1983, Motorola introduced the first cellular telephone in the United States. Called the DynaTAC, this bulky device bears little resemblance to the mobile phones of today. Between then and now, handsets have undergone a dramatic evolution, changing as much in terms of aesthetics as they have on the inside.

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ammarmalik3405d ago

are you serious? that was the worst article I've ever read

wjbjnr3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )


wjbjnr3405d ago

This article is indeed a piece of junk!. Not only there are no pictures in the post!, they skipped half of the generation of Mobile phones. It's just like a brief histoty pointing to the iPhone!.

Before touch mobiles, Windows/palm smartphones ruled and they are not even mentioned! FAIL !!

Aussiegamer3405d ago

What a terrible terrible article.