Nexus 7 by Google Shipping Soon $200 iPad Challenger

Gaming on Batteries takes a quick look at the soon to be released Nexus 7 by Google.

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blumatt2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I'm torn between this and the New iPad. I do love my MacBook Pro (2011 edition) but I also love my Samsung Galaxy Note. I will, however, probably be trading the Note for the iPhone 5 once it comes out. I just love buying things through iTunes as opposed to the Play Store. The Play Store is great, and there is definitely more free content on Android, but I enjoy Apple's offerings more when it comes to buying media (music and movies).

One thing that may make me end up buying this though instead of the iPad is the price. The cheap price can't be ignored. It's over half the price of an entry level iPad (3rd Gen).