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Corsair Vengeance 2000 7.1 Headset Review-TGH

TGH Writes:"TGH Writes:"Corsair still relish in their gaming peripherals as their products begin to show across all the desks of major esports players across the world. The popular GSL streams, MLG and IPL have all seen their fair share of Corsair gaming peripherals sneak into booth shots and onto the screens of tens of thousands of eager fans. And it’s no surprise, they’re of high quality and offer a very promising life span for the cost. With that, Corsair dropped the new Vegenance 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset our way, and with a week of worrying ear sweating and tinnitus behind us, we’re here to share the verdict."

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samok3396d ago

Dont recommend this crap. I had the corded one also with the integrated sound card. Low quality headset. If you are searching for the best headset on PC, go with a nice Soundblaster Soundcard and with the Sennheiser PC360. Best Headset.