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Are we alone in the universe? And the NINE other mysteries that we all most want solved

dailymail: It is a question that has vexed mankind for centuries: Are we alone in the universe?
And according to a survey, it still tops the list of mysteries we are most desperate to see solved.
In second place was a curiosity for when a cure for cancer will be found, followed by whether it will ever be proven that God exists

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2pacalypsenow3397d ago

Of course were not alone , but they should just focus on world problem before wasting all that money on finding Extraterrestrial life that they will never find

QuodEratDemonstrandm3397d ago

There is no empirical, measurable, scientific evidence that God exists.
There isn't any evidence that God doesn't exist, either.

That's the problem with that whole debate. Neither side can be conclusively proven wrong.

Dovahkiin3396d ago

I think I'll go by the stupidity and ignorance of the majority of strict religious believers, that there is no deity, as explained by modern religion. There may be a creator; but not in the form (as i said before) of 'God'.

akaakaaka3396d ago

Well I did not read the article but, Canser cure exists and is prty much easy to cure, watch the canser documentaries in this web page translate it with google if your interested in reading the blog.
HIV is not real, what is real about it is that people think its real and let thenself kill by the drugs or psychologically.
Are we alone? Maybe yes but most likely no, we are not alone.
God exists? I dont think so, but something is for sure is that we are all some how one, we are all connected and live under the same "rules"

2pacalypsenow3396d ago

HIV/Aids is real You don't just have your system shut down by believing it , how does that make any sense? and cancer can be cured but not just by a pill to cure it and its not 100% guaranteed to be cured