Google Nexus 7 vs iPad 3 vs Kindle Fire vs Microsoft Surface

techradar: It's been the worst-kept secret since Steve Ballmer's love of alternative dance, but at last it's official: the Asus-built, Google-branded Nexus 7 tablet, or just Nexus 7 to its friends, has been unveiled.
Its seven-inch screen and powerful quad-core processor means it's a pocket rocket, but is it good enough to tempt you away from a Kindle Fire, let alone a new iPad 3? Was Microsoft right to try and steal its thunder with Surface? Let the tablet trial commence!

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Captain Tuttle3406d ago

I think this thing will kick the crap out of the Kindle Fire. I was going to get a couple of Fires for my kids but now we're leaning heavily toward the Nexus.

bahabeast3402d ago

this destroys kindle fire, ive been thinking about getting one for a while but with no firm marketplace with apps i like and no front facing camera no go for me.