Judge Rules Kim Dotcom Mansion Raid Illegal writes: "Kim Dotcom, the founder of, has something to smile about today as a New Zealand high court judge ruled that the raid on his Auckland mansion in January was illegal. The ruling is a major setback for the US, who have been looking to extradite the website owner since his arrest."

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gaffyh3404d ago

I really hope he wins this case, everything about that raid was a little dodgy.

fatstarr3403d ago

Hope he takes them down, they fckd with the wrong guy.

the Piracy game is about to change.

aviator1893403d ago

glad to hear it, the us gvt really had no authority making that visit.

frelyler3403d ago

The us never learns. The us thinks its the national police when they are not. The us would rather deal with problems abroad than it's own domestic issues. We raid a house in another country bc someone is making illegal videogame copies yet the piece of lazy welfare crap down the street is ok to buy cigarettes with my tax money. The dump I squirted out on the sidewalk has more common sense than the us government. Its become a system of pay offs and it needs to end.

Legion3403d ago

Are you serious? US did not do the raid. It was local NZ officials who screwed up the raid. US was just the accusers. It was up to NZ officials to correctly sanction and proceed with proper apprehension.