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Nexus 7 tablet image leaked before official launch

TechSnafu - Nexus 7 tablet image has been leaked before its official launch that was scheduled for today. The Nexus 7 tablet image was pulled from the Google Play store and is published online.

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Speed-Racer3447d ago

This is not a leak. They always release images and press releases just before the actual show.

searchbuzz3447d ago

How does this have 110 degrees already?!

searchbuzz3447d ago

but aren't pending news items restricted to logged in users?

Either way, it looks good, and as you said, not really a leak, but still a first show for us all.

Speed-Racer3446d ago

We have a lot of logged in readers :P

Yea, sounds like something I might pick up, and cause I'm a Nexus fanboy. :P

FPSWin3446d ago

Forget the images .. enjoy the details lol

thedizzle233446d ago

cool stuff looks like a clean cut and intuitive tablet def worth a buy need some more specifications though