Top reasons to choose iDevice over an Android

TechTeria: Top reasons to choose iDevice over an Android with detailed views.

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fatstarr2307d ago

its funny because most of these are reasons to choose a Windows OS over Apples OSX lol

KingPin2307d ago

this article is written by a true apple fan. its laughable.

Security - before u install any android app u read its permissions. its not there to make you click more before you download an app. its simple, download software from trusted developers.

Stability - this guy talks about lag. riiight. i been using HTC Desire Z, galaxy S2 and now HTC one x - no lag. his eyes are seeing what it wants to see.

Variety - this is the most laughable of the lot. its like saying because Win7 runs on different hardware <different specs> developers suffer. lol

Updates - since when is receiving regular updates to fix annoying bugs a problem. and getting a fresher optimized OS is never a bad thing. but apple fans seems to think it is.

Enterprise Uses - people are moving away from blackberry and towards the ipads. weren't people using laptops all this time.

SnakeCQC2307d ago

one thing i hate about apple is that tethering was taken away and can only be activated by contacting my carrier and paying an addition 16 pounds a month crooks!