Kaz Hirai Steps Down As SCE Chairman

TechDeville: Sony has just announced that Kaz Hirai has stepped down as the Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today. He will still serve the company as the President and CEO of the Japanese hardware giant.

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mushroomwig3403d ago

What's with the title and the picture? It's almost like you're trying to put a negative spin on it. He's stepping up, not down.

NovusTerminus3403d ago

I know. Everyone is passing it off like he is leaving the company or something. This is great news, now the guy is in charge of Sony as a whole!

fatstarr3403d ago

Brings more attention to the story. lol how perception changes everything.

MWH3402d ago

precisely! hey ReZoN, trying fishing in murky waters?

Reborn3402d ago

It's called fishing for hits. Same crap appeared on N4G. You can't word it like that, without having some hidden agenda. It's common sense he isn't stepping down, but been promoted.