End User License Agreements – Ridiculously Outdated Or Just Trolling?

UpcomingTechnology.ORG - During the course of app installations as end users, we usually encounter a window flooded with a long and heavily jargoned End-user license agreement. All we want to do is quickly complete the setup wizard by abusing the “I agree”, “Next” or “Continue” button and finally arrive at a point where we can finally use the software. In between the process we never really care to read the terms and conditions in the sign up agreements, because it demands a good level of legal literacy to understand them and mostly importantly, it demands time and patience. Topping that, plenty of software packages nowadays are equipped with silly mechanisms to force the users read the EULA. So dear vendors, why not rather simplify the terms and conditions than pulling cheap tricks to enforce redundancy?

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SnakeCQC3404d ago

it is trolling i mean has any been shown this crap before purchasing anything?

searchbuzz3403d ago

I don't think "trolling" is the right word for these. more like, security.

Soldierone3403d ago

Personally I think there needs to be a new law for these. Basically you would have to summarize what the agreement says in a short bullet point list. It has to be less than a page.

That way they can't hide crap, and spin the words, and do all kinds of things to turn you into a corner. Its rather ridiculous. "Oh just don't agree to them then!" Well there goes about anything and everything a computer is used for......