Smartphones killing conversation and sex!

Which? Convo: Almost two thirds of people wouldn’t hesitate to check their smartphones for emails during dinner, while a quarter say their smartphone is the most important thing they take to bed.

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Soldierone3402d ago

I kinda get annoyed at people that don't buy something, and then bash all the people that do. Its like you get a right to talk crap when you don't follow? This isn't targeted at the article, just in general.

As for the article "In the same report, a startling 68% of people would rather go without beer, wine, chocolate, shoes, television and even their car for a month than give up their phone. " With the exception of the NEED for shoes and a Car, I'd give those things up for anything. TV? I forget to turn the TV on for entire days unless I play a video game. A smartphone is just more entertaining than a lot of things.

Surprised they didn't bring up sex again lol

Lord_Sloth3402d ago

"would rather go without beer, wine, chocolate, shoes, television"

I don't drink, not much on sweets, I never really go anywhere so I don't need shoes and TV kinda sucks so I can (and have) went without a TV for extended periods of time. Of course I don't really have use for a phone either. As long as I have my music and my art with the occasional video game, I'm fine.

TLG19913402d ago

in what situation would i have to give any up for an entire month (unless you abuse alcohol and your life is at risk).

its just one of those pointless topics that gets everyone talking, we in 2012 no one has sex anymore we all sext >.< only kidding