World’s First Self-Refrigerating Can

Yahoo News: Self chilling beverage technology has been around for almost 20 years, but due to environmental and design issues that needed to be worked out, the first can is just now coming to the market, and we're getting the first look.

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Lord_Sloth3404d ago

Should the cooling mechanism be damaged or punctured in any way, would that be harmful to us?

Crazyglues3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Good Question.. and the answer is No... it's using CO2 that is already in the air... and a Vegetable Oil -So it's 100% safe.. (Which is what has stopped the others from coming out, it can't just cool the drink they have to be environmental safe, and be in no way harmful)

It's also funny that the drink taste really bad, they know the real money is going to be in the licensing the Cans to companies like Coke... So I guess their energy drink is more of a test run.

Being able to carry the drink for a hike or during the day in your bag and then just hit the button to cool it to drink in 5 Min's is priceless... This thing will be huge..

and if it takes off this guy will have more money then he will know what to do with..

dazzrazz3403d ago

So its $4 for how much... 200ml ? Since rest of the inside can is cooling device ?

iNFAMOUZ13403d ago

wow cooling block thing made up like 80% of the cans inside, rip off in making.