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Microsoft confirms no upgrade path to Windows Phone 8, unveils 7.8 for legacy devices

The debate can now be laid to rest: devices currently running on Windows Phone 7.5 will not be on the receiving end of the long-awaited Apollo update (aka Windows Phone 8)

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Gondee3404d ago

Well, now they have pissed off the "early adopters" and those few million are likely frustrated and will not upgrade with microsoft.

Revvin3404d ago

Same old Microsoft! Apple and Google give out free updates that add new features and can make your tired old phone seem a little more new again. I'm over due an upgrade on my iPhone 4 and I'm torn between waiting for the iPhone 5 or getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII. One thing I am sure of is I will NOT be buying a Windows phone or a Nokia handset after Nokia announced they think they do "more than enough for customers" well let me tell you Nokia and Microsoft, as a customer you can never do enough for me and if you think you are doing enough then doon't be surprised when I don't buy your products.