Microsoft Surface: No Thanks, I Have an iPad

#Random discusses Microsoft's announcement of its tablet, called "Surface". In this opinion piece, #Random questions how the Surface will compete with the iPad, and how he believes it won't matter.

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aviator1893410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

So, you say you speak for an entire community? How do you know that everyone agrees with you? I sure as heck don't, and I'm the proud owner of an ipad and iphone and I definitely want and am planning on buying the surface come this winter. The pro version will come with two usb ports, hdmi exterior output, and the full windows os along with i5 ivy bridge. That's more than enough for me to switch. And those keyboard covers- just slick. You never know, things change. Nothing is permanent.

Heck, I'll even be able to play steam games on the go.

Mario Mergola3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

I actually just replied to you on the main site, but I'll reiterate it here:

Basically, it wasn't my intention to speak for all on this one. I did assume others would agree, but so far, I stand alone on that. I'm cool with that. It was just my opinion on the matter.

As for the specs, they may be enough to take control of the market eventually, but I wanted to give my initial opinion right at announcement time. I may be wrong, of course, but that's just me.

As for Steam on the go... that is one thing I love. I think the Surface has some awesome features, just not enough for me personally. But, we'll see if the iPad never gets cloud gaming (OnLive) and the Surface gets Steam, I will rethink my stance for sure.

GillHarrison3409d ago

This is the first mature "debate" I have seen on this site.

NewMonday3409d ago

"Microsoft Surface: No Thanks, I Have an iPad"

this title sums it up, even if you include Android, didn't see any reason to buy any tablet after iPad1.

but if the Pro Windows tablet can run like a decent laptop then i'm sold, i will just need a slide keyboard version with keys that "click".

Thatguy-3103410d ago

IPAD doesn't have competition and why because of the thousands and thousands of apps that it has. Microsoft is a little to late. If it decides to go heads on against the Ipad 4 then it will just get demolish. Apple is just mainstream to be defeated at this time.

3409d ago
NewMonday3409d ago


only the pro version, and we are yet to see how well it can run legacy programs

Soldierone3410d ago

Case and point of an Apple fanboy not paying caring about better specs on a competing device...

Your Ipad isn't running a full OS or an i5 processor.....

Thatguy-3103410d ago

many dont care though. If they did then they wouldn't be buying an Ipad in the first place would they. It's evident how better product doesn't always prevail. Look at ps3/xbox vs. the wii. or Iphone vs. SGS3/HTConeX

AJ Hartley3409d ago

Apple just made a simple os for the ipad and iphone and that makes its better ?? No it doesnt in my personal opinion its aimed at retards/casuals thats why its a succesor

chukamachine3410d ago

It won't matter.

If it sells only americans will buy it.

Like how they tried to get people with xbox's to buy nokia win7 phones with a live app on them,lol.


Another fail coming up.

mushroomwig3410d ago

For me it's the complete opposite. I have no reason to ever buy an Ipad when the Surface is offering everything I could ever need (and more).

artdafoo3410d ago

Well at least it will be lighter for people to carry when they have to take it in to get whatever virus, trojan, etc removed since i will run windowz 8. Plus hardware aint shit without good software, and thats where Apple and Android got it beat, wheres the MS app store ? There isnt one.

Aussiegamer3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Can you please send me your full release version of windows 8? I would love to try it out.

I mean how else could you make such a statement without trying to full extent the os out?!

And maybe you should check what is the number 1 hackable/virus affected machine I think you would be slightly surprised.

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