Less-publicized iOS 6 features

Product-Reviews writes: Apple make it pretty clear that the new iOS 6 features will take your device in a completely new direction, and after having a dig through we agree that some 4S owners might not want to upgrade to iPhone 5, especially considering the enhancements you can get just with a software update.

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danswayuk3408d ago

The new maps rock and something I cannot wait to use in iOS 6.

ricky3603408d ago

The improvements to Siri are what I like, cannot wait to ask the new questions on sports and movies.

GanjaMan3408d ago

but the thing is will it just have sports that no one cares about other than north america/canada or will it have real sports that the whole world cares about e.g real football, cricket, tennis, formula 1 etc etc. thats what i wanna know!!

tr00p3r3408d ago

No Siri nav for the iPhone 4 is totally unacceptable.

SnakeCQC3408d ago

no siri on iphone 4 is unacceptable but thats what apple does now they withhold features to push sales of minor updated phones i mean come on not a single aesthetic change on the iphone 4s!