Plants Communicate with Each Other via Sound, scientists confirm

What's Hawt: Scientific research now indicates that plants communicate with each other via a series of ‘clicking’ noises to protect themselves from foreign threats.

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Speed-Racer3416d ago

Not too surprising, but a good find indeed.

fatstarr3415d ago

I wonder if they have feelings then.

Speed-Racer3415d ago

The bigger question is...can we make fun of vegans now?

bub163416d ago

i thought we already knew this?

Hayabusa 1173416d ago

You get that as well huh? I thought the same thing about the particle travelling faster then light: I swear I read an article in a magazine that claimed to have done that years ago (I'm talking 1990s).

bigfish3416d ago

we kind of did, but we didnt know that they communicated via a series of 'clicks'

1Victor3416d ago

Oh no there goes vegetarianism what they going to eat now that there's prof of plants communication

iliimaster3416d ago

just get me a berillium sphere and 2.2 gigawatts of thrusts with a flux capacitor and i can show you

Speed-Racer3416d ago

Your request sounds 100% legit... I'll get the government to organize those things for you.

360ICE3416d ago

That's supposed to make plants communicate?
..This does not sound entirely legitimate.

Government is supposed to get those things for him?
...I have had no such experience with any government.

Speed-Racer3415d ago

Please tell me you didn't miss the part about that where he made a joke?