Microsoft reveals its own Windows 8 tablet: meet the new Surface

Engadget - Here at its mysterious, last-minute press event in Los Angeles, Microsoft just confirmed it will sell its own Microsoft-branded Windows 8 tablet under the Surface badge. Measuring just 9.3mm thick, it's built around an angled, all-magnesium VaporMag case that weighs just under 1.5 pounds. Microsoft's hardware partners have also gone all-out on extra touches, such as a built-in stand, twin 2x2 MIMO antennas for WiFi, and an optically-bonded display.

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Thatguy-3103413d ago

It's an Apple vs. Android world now. MS is a little to late unless they market the hell out of this thing but I'm telling you ppl won't go for it because of how mainstream Android and Apple are. Just look at their cellphone division. It doesn't compete against iOS or Android devices

Captain Tuttle3413d ago

I think this will actually really hurt Android, they've been floundering in tablets for awhile now (and I have a Xoom). I think they're going after the enterprise market, Apple hasn't really cracked that yet and bundling Office with the thing was brilliant on MS's part. IT depts. that were being pressured to get iPads for their internal customers are much more likely to get a Windows product as it will be just a step from what they already have. Apple has never had much of a presence in the business sector.

uxo223412d ago

Well said Captain, I agree 100%. I have an ipad and an Asus Transformer prime and neither can perform the tasks that I laptop down as far as business goes. I would gladly give them both up for the surface tablet if it does what if it can replace my laptop.

Soldierone3413d ago

I openly don't like Apple, but still don't see the point.

I mean why did it HAVE to be announced today? It has no price, no in-depth details, no integration with any of their products were talked about, no smartglass demo, nothing. They would have been better off announcing it later with all these details, and making it available rather fast. In otherwords pulling a page from Apple's book.

As for the tablet itself, from what we know SO FAR, its nothing special.....they spent most of their time on a peripheral for it....I still see absolutely no reason for me to leave my laptop and get a tablet, it has a keyboard that works perfectly fine.

Clarence3413d ago

You sir are correct

Heres article that explains the Surface tablet


fatstarr3413d ago

No one will buy it unless its under 400.

i say 100-200 for instant market impact.
they should learn something from vizio, tablet market is very easy to disrupt if you come in with a quality product.

Winkle923413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Yeah, wtf MS. This is an odd way to announce your product. Maybe theyre just trying to get the media on their side before they make the public largely aware of it? But as for the tablet...

Wowza, now this is the tablet I can get behind. The thought of having a tablet that is this thin and light but also has full Windows behind it AND a Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor is incredibly appealing. The keyboard cover is nearly as exciting as the tablet itself. And thinner than the iPad? MS is really changing the game.

Oh and a bit off topic, but there is already an ad for it on youtube. MS must have gotten a new marketing team because it looks awesome.

techspce3413d ago

They are obviously trying to get it out there in people's minds before Google I/O next week. They want people not buying the Nexus Tablet and holding out for this thing. I am going to be one of those people. I think it looks amazing and has all the right pieces to be a huge success.

mcstorm3413d ago

I agree with you this device look amazing but im unsure which one to get. One thing I do know is that my Xoom is going on Amazon market pace today and once Ive decided which version im going for ill pre order it.

I also think MS are doing the right thing announcing the tablet now as its MS keeping everyone in the know that they are having some big products out this year. Everyone is still talking about Smart Glass and as people were turning to IOS6 MS has hit us with this and are now people are talking about MS again. Next is Google but after that MS are talking about Windows Phone 8 so MS are now doing what they should have been doing for years and that is showing off there products to the main media and making a buzz about there products.

I really like the way MS are going Windows 8, 360 smart glass, Windows Phone and now a hardware tablet to go with it I can see MS starting to push Apple and Android out of the tablet space again over the next 5 years or so.

artdafoo3413d ago

Like they where gonna do to the ipod with the Zune ? How about that phone they had for like 6 months ?

techspce3413d ago

My Xoom is being sold as well. I agree completely with you about their strategy. I think the biggest selling point for them is going to be Windows 8. Almost everyone uses Windows and when they switch, they will see all of these devices and say, "hey that looks just like my computer. I'll buy that."

My big dilemma is whether or not to buy the AMD and a Macbook Air, or just the Intel one.

killerhog3413d ago

You mean the kin, Kin one and the windows 8 phone that is doing alright artdafoo? Yup those were fails.

mcstorm3413d ago

@artdafoo Zune was a success at the start it was the 2nd biggest MP3 player in the USA in its 1st year but after that MS never pushed it outside the USA and because of this it started to fade away. I live in the UK and got my other half a Zune 2 a few years again and she has never even looked at a Ipod since as the Zune hardware was far better than the Ipod hardware of the time. And MS dropped the Zune as they have seen a shift in the Market of less and less people buying MP3 players and buying phones to use them as MP3 Players as well.

As for the KIN. This was based on the Wimo 6.5 technology that MS were killing off anyway with Windows 7 and they did not push it at all and decided to drop it because it was never going to be a success and like any company they dropped it and cut there losses but how many people bought them to care?

Also if you can not see what MS are doing your either a Apple/Android Fan boy or just hate ms for some unknown reason.

@techspce Why do you have a dilemma for me I think its going to be the Pro version of surface and this will replace my laptop and tablet I don't see the point of having a ultra book or a MacBook if I have a Intel based tablet as it will work just like my laptop dose now only a lot more portable.

I do think with what MS are showing off this is the start of them cutting sales of laptops at home down by half ide say as most home user will use there laptop for just browsing the web and storing there documents with the odd bit of printing and use of office.

MS have needed to get out of its old days from when vista came out and I think they have now done this they now have a set of devices that all work in more or less the same way and look a lot like each other and also very easy to use. MS is now all about Windows Phone, Windows 8 and xbox for home users and I think all 3 products are very good and quality looking products too.

I really do think Apple and Google now have some work to do to stop MS becoming the main company again in those three areas.

SkyGamer3413d ago

Yeah but NOONE offers FULL OS. Besides give it a year and it will have enough market penetration to takeover. Reason the Zune didn't beat ipod is because MS never had a mp3 player before. MS dominates OS dept and with a Full OS Windows 8 will dominate.

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DG903413d ago

I'm not a massive MS fan.. But I'm interested..

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