“A lot of people say Siri. I say poo-poo,” says Steve Wozniak

TimesUnion: "In an interview for, Wozniak says that he used to love Siri, until Apple took hold of it, after which the service became, in Woz’ own words “poo-poo”."

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Soldierone3411d ago

I just went on a trip with my family. My dad was sold on the whole Siri thing when he got his phone, and I got an Android phone at the same time.

Cutting to the point, they were trying to talk to Siri to get a phone number to a place. They said it like 5 or 6 different ways, and it kept coming up with random things. Apple markets it as it working perfectly, but its no better (on my experiences and theirs) that a regular voice command device.....

Funny thing is I got the address, phone number, and directions to the place faster than they FINALLY got it on their iphones thanks to google maps lol His girlfriend got mad the iphone and threw it on the ground, and took my phone and started using it for the details.

mcstorm3410d ago

If im honest ive used MS Tell me Google Voice and Siri in the car on a blue tooth head set and I found tell me the best out of all 3 for the voice commands but Google was a close 2nd and I did not like Siri at all it struggle to pickup any commands on the motorways.

But Apple have a good way of selling there products and that what they have been doing.

Soldierone3410d ago

I think Siri will be better at major things. Like if you said "find me a mcdonalds" it will probably work perfectly fine. However we were trying to find an army thing that was a little ways away, and it kept doing random things. Like it was calling people, or adding reminders, and we were like "wtf?"

I know Siri is evolving and getting better, I have no issues with that. Its just not exactly what its marketed out to be just yet. The commercials even show it answering to random things, but it doesn't really do it fully yet.