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“Should I Get an iPhone or a Galaxy S III?”

Pocket now: No, I don’t actually need help deciding. But anyone who’s into smartphones — that means you, dear reader — knows the question quite well: as the “phone guy/girl” among friends/relatives/coworkers, you’re frequently asked for advice on which handset to choose. And more times than not these days, people are looking to decide between the Apple iPhone and [name of Android handset].

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fatstarr3410d ago

I would say s3. but I am disappointed with the weak build quality.

BlindGuardian3409d ago


IMO due to the no restrictions with video codecs

LOL_WUT3409d ago

Get an iPhone it has the best tech good app store and its very durable you wont regret it.

kevnb3409d ago

except when you drop it, glass breaks.

adamant7153409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Oh shut up. If you drop anything on it's screen odds are it'll break. It's like taking a high-end BMW and an Audi and crashing them to see which withstands more damage. It's stupid. Either way they're going to get scratches or something.

KwietStorm_BLM3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

And when car hits pole, car bends. Imagine that.

Ragnaarock3409d ago

If anyone truly believes that the Iphone has the best tech they are foolish.
Links for the less educated.

GamerSciz3409d ago

Not that I disagree but the Iphone 4s is almost a year old whereas the S3 isn't released til June 21 from what I have read. So yea, I would hope the tech is a lot better. I think if the Iphone5 comes out before Sept then that would be the one to compare it to. Not an 8 month old phone.

Honest_gamer3409d ago

i have an iphone, i have had 3 android phones and was disappointed as NONE of them had the latest OS, i was on 1.6 when 4 1st came out, and the app's on the app store are all made to different screen resolutions, so some of the apps didn't even fit on my screen (x10 mini pro) with iphone its just better, its always up to date, hell the 3gs can be upgraded to ios6!

steven83r3409d ago

Ummm how the hell are you still on 1.6? That means your running a G1. Don't compare Iphone to your grandfather Android phone. So if Iphone is better then why can only the Iphone 4s run Siri? And the ipad 1 not run siri? Really an Ipad can't run siri? Its because you have to buy the next phone to have a talking app while on Android everyone gets S-Voice with its open source. GS3 is better and will be better than Iphone 5.

Aussiegamer3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

"app's on the app store are all made to different screen resolutions, so some of the apps didn't even fit on my screen"

This is absolute rubbish, clearly someone has told you this and you have believed them.

"hell the 3gs can be upgraded to ios6"

It is going to have some of the features ios6 has, its not getting everything, and already the 3gs is terrible slow on ios5 so why try push it further on?!

And I can't believe you are trying to say that your x10 mini pro (a garbage android phone) and use that in comparison against apples flagship phone.

The S3 is by far a better phone then apple's 4s, if you have had a chance to use both then you would see this. As you clearly have not then what is the point in putting your opinion in a iphone vs Galaxy s3 question piece?!

badz1493409d ago

too many fail arguments in your comparison!

1. Android 1.6, really?
2. x10 mini pro vs iPhone? are you kidding me? that's like comparing the 360 vs Wii!
3. 3GS is out dated no matter if you upgrade it to iOS6 or not! it's like I upgraded my 4 year old PCs to run Win7, it can't match even a decent new laptops let alone the high end ones! it's about the HARDWARE!

Honest_gamer3408d ago

point was hardly any apps on the app store run on the x10 mini pro but all the app's run on the iphones

the other point was yes the 3gs is outdated but atleast it can run the latest ios

KingPin3409d ago

Not only do you fail as listed above, but dude, have you not heard of the xda forums?

you can have the latest OS as possible that can run on your phone.

look into it maybe then your Apple fanboyism wont show sooooo much.

Honest_gamer3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

i have one apple device that i jail broke to get custom features, hardly an apple fan boy
I actually like android more than ios, for instance my i'd take my android tablet any day over an ipad however i dont know if other than the galexy S series if there is any other up to date android phone, i like how u have more freedom on the android as its not nearly as closed of as the iphone (thats why i jail broke it), to say im a fan boy because after 3 android phones that were all shit, i decided to get an iphone which ended up being better than them 3 clearly shows your android fanboy runs wild

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steven83r3409d ago

GS3 is way better. You don't have to buy the GS4 GS5 and so on when something new is released. Its already been mentioned that IOS6 is barely getting features Android has had for years. It's because Apple knows its customers are morons who will keep buying new hardware every time they want to add something, like copy and paste! haha. Sheep will be sheep.

BlackPrince 423409d ago

On the contrary.

The S3 is still using outdated Super AMOLED technology. The next iteration of the Galaxy (or possibly the one after that) will have the much better Super AMOLED Plus screen tech along with an HD screen.

The time to buy Apple is now though, because this year will likely see a major revision in the hardware that won't occur again in two years.

steven83r3409d ago

I wouldn't say outdated but if they release a GS4 it would at least be a hardware change unlike Apple who releases phones with software changes forcing you to buy another phone. The IP4 looks exactly the same as the IP4s. The time to buy Apple would not be now considering the IP5 should be released soon. Otherwise your buying a 4s just to turn around and buy a IP5. And the design if it turns out how they say that it will be taller but not wider, Well that is going to look pretty stupid. The IP5 is going to look like a candy bar. A stretched out IP4.

BlackPrince 423409d ago


Well an iPhone with a larger screen is a major hardware change. Buying and iPhone 5/6 this year makes sense precisely because now there will (likely) be a hardware revision

And some (myself included) would say that the GS3 is too big for it's own good and is a bit overdeveloped.

*And this is coming from a happy GNex owner*

spunkee3113409d ago

It's really preference. Its a matter of what the individual likes. I almost think now that it's hip to knock the iPhone. All I know is that for me, I love the Iphone and its everything I wanted in a phone. I've had once since the 3gs.
But I will say that the Galaxy 2 is a pretty amazing phone. And I'm not even a fan of android whatsoever. My friends had the EVO and was not impressed at all. But the Galaxies are really REALLY nice phones. So I know the 3 will be amazing.
But not enough to take me away from an iPhone though.

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