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Vizio reboots the PC: a quiet American success story takes on sleeping giants

Nilay Patel of The Verge writes: "Vizio is one of the best-kept secrets in consumer technology. The tiny Southern California company consistently sells the most HDTVs in America, but it's a sure bet that you know virtually nothing about it. Hell, most people don't even know Vizio is an American company, even though all but three of its 417 employees work in the US. That's sort of what happens when you run virtually no advertising outside of sponsoring a few major events like the Rose Bowl, hold no press conferences outside of CES, and build the foundation of your empire by selling low-cost TVs at Walmart. Yet Vizio's customers keep coming back, and bringing others: a combination of low prices, increasing quality, and solid customer support is pretty hard to resist.

But after conquering the TV market, launching a line of well-regarded soundbars, and dipping a curious toe into the Android tablet waters, Vizio's decided to come out of the shadows and go after something bigger."

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snoop_dizzle3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

I have a lot more respect for Vizio now (not that I hated them before or anything).

One of my biggest beefs with the PC industry is mostly everything is made purely for pricepoint. While that's important, many times other things are sacrificed because of it like battery life, build quality and the like. There are few companies I think differentiate themselves in the PC industry (namely Asus and Lenovo), but it's good to see they want to make a quality product, and it might even be an inexpensive one. And no bloatware.

Of course they actually have to follow through with it which seems to be a big challenge.

BryanBegins3417d ago

Asus?? Is that a joke? Asus is the worst brand ever, they ALWAYS cut corners and give you crap components. I've got three Transformer tablet, I had to return them all within 24 hours. I had to return two laptops as well. And just use google to find all the issues with the new Transformer tablet.

Never, ever, buy an Asus product. They have nice intentions and good prices, but they make shitty products.

snoop_dizzle3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Interesting. Generally Asus is rated pretty highly and their components seem to be pretty solid overall. They make their own hardware so I usually trust them a bit more.

From my experience and anyone I've known, Asus is usually looked up to much more highly upon than say a company like Dell, HP, etc.

Not to say your issues aren't something to be mad about, but that seems to be the exception from everything I've seen of them. Although I can't say I'm big on the Transformer Prime, but most of their other products seem pretty solid.

fatstarr3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Sounds good Im glad I purchased my tv from them oh so many years ago when no one knew who they were it was priced so good I thought it was a Chinese company.. Hope they shake up the pc world and bring some more people back to our side.

I see a bright future, great article.

fatstarr3417d ago

on a side note, their pcs look like macs, they should do a study on this to see if people care more about OS or the way the product looks. Im set that its all about the design and look.