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Will Windows 7 be the new XP?

computerworld writes:

Windows XP was one of Microsoft's greatest successes and greatest failures: A success because it was so rock-solid, a failure because it was so good that many people didn't want to upgrade to Windows Vista. Based on initial looks at Windows 8, Windows 7 may well be the new XP.

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Revvin3410d ago

Vista rammed the UAC down users throats even though it was poorly implemented. XP still gave users freedom to do what they wanted to do with THEIR pc. Windows 8 now foists upon us Microsoft's vision of the future of UI's and a lot of users just want their regular UI that they customise and control as they want.

fatstarr3410d ago

Microsoft needs to have an upgrade deal to take XPs market share.

its a great os, its dated but still works.