Gioteck: RealTriggers Review (ITF Gaming)

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: The PlayStation 3 has always been a console that showcased dynamic power, a sleek design and cutting-edge technology; however, the downside of the console has always been the physical design of its controller. While the controller is responsive and a revolutionary piece of hardware, it tends to lack the “Trigger Effect” that the Xbox 360 controllers showcase.

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Soldierone3412d ago

I know several people that bought these, even ones that are big shooter fans and compare Xbox controllers yatta yatta, none of them use em....I mean they said "oh they are great" or whatever, then they don't use them. I honestly don't think they even know where they put them.

I saw them using it when they first got it, then it just vanished . When I asked about it since I wanted to buy some, their tone wasn't all too exciting.