Can It Game? MacBook Pro with Retina Display [2012]

Noble Press:
MacBook Pro and its Retina display:
Those of you out there that are clamoring for capital to purchase this glorious piece of technology, bravo you have your head on straight. You also might be asking yourself “if I drop $2,000+ on this laptop can it game?”. Its the exact same question that I had while reading the spec sheet for the new MacBook Pro (with Retina display). Now the reality of it is that the Nvidia GeForce 650M is a powerful card for a laptop and by all accounts it should be able to game. Then you have to take the sheer size of the 2880×1800 display resolution and once you add those numbers into the equation, things get concerning .

Find out if this thing can actually game.

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fatstarr3455d ago

Lol bigg ass joke.

99% of the people have no use or any content that would push something at 28xx resolution, thats for gaming enthusiasts... gg apple. producing a product gimmick/standard just to get unsuspecting technology illiterate people to spend money.

this is why I dont like this company. bash windows all you want, yo dont see them doing anything like this untill it becomes the standard that people want for no reason.

kevnb3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

microsoft doesn't make any pc hardware, but if they did ... just look at every second version of windows. God knows what they are thinking sometimes.

SilentNegotiator3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

You really seem to be under the belief that Apple did this FOR gaming.

It's a MacBook PRO. A lot of people are using it for professional/business reasons. A high resolution screen will be appreciated by many.

Someone is bashing a company for a silly reason, and that company sure isn't Microsoft.

fatstarr3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

my bad it so much superior to the 2010, 2011, 2012 editions of the mac book pro.

apple is a company of minimal upgrades for twice the cost.

90% of the userbase for that company aren't using the product for business or professional reasons. just for facebook, twitter, tumblr and mtv like sites.

Im just not falling for their hype and lies ... Im under the belief that apple had nothing worthwhile to add to their laptop lineup. actually no.
see the picture

one2thr3455d ago

Fatstarr is speaking the truth, I've actually seen all that he stated happen at school. Which is pathetic, $1000 to only use it for Facebook and the word processor(if that's what its called)

SilentNegotiator3455d ago

1) Yearly updates with better parts that cause the computer to cost more?! Darn you, Apple! No computer company in the world does that!!!

And ow many 2880×1800 displays do you typically see? Do you think that YOU should set the price on the 'retina' display? lol

2) 90% uses it just for facebook, eh? So what? Does that mean that this new model with a higher resolution is NOT useful for professional uses? I didn't say everyone. I didn't say the majority. I said that a lot of people have use for it.

"Im just not falling for their hype and lies ... Im under the belief that apple had nothing worthwhile to add to their laptop lineup"
Sorry that your opinion isn't engraved into everyone elses' heads. Again, some people will find an ultra high resolution screen worth it.

You complain about people "bashing windows" and then you get into a rant like that? Shame. I don't own a single Apple product and have no intention, but I can tell the difference between bashing and realistic criticism.

D2-E23454d ago

I don't think that fatstarr realizes that EVERY SINGLE computer company that offers computers does iterative updates... and yearly.

Actually almost all manufactures do. Nike, Ford, Microsoft, Ikea, Vizio, Sony, Asus, HTC, and basically every other company that offers any sort of product.

Every year a product, mainly technology driven ones, get updates. Its how people stay competitive.

If Apple were to keep the same laptop with no spec bumps people would cry that they have not updated in such and such amount of time. Actually people do cry about it...

Apple can never really get love from the people that can not afford them or that do not understand the market. Its really insane and highly insulting that some of these people consider themselves educated.

Most people that buy cars do not push them to their potential. Does this bother you fastarr?

85% of the people I know that own macbook pros use them for the following jobs: Video Editing, Sound Editing, Music Production, Coding, Graphic Design, Photography, and Image Editing. All fields that benefit from spec boost and a larger screen resolution to work with.

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fllysurfer3455d ago

Again again again,,, people think Apple is about game and more so because of the Iphone / Ipad / AppStore popularity on gaming apps... WRONG. Apple is not gaming oriented company. They dont make hardware with gaming in mind... period.

If games are prevalent in their mobile devices, that´s only due to third party. Even so, that´s has ZERO to due with their laptops or desktops.

Stop trying to compare gaming PC´s with Mac Hardware... it´s simple not for the same thing...

D2-E23454d ago

No one said this was a gaming machine. The article is simply to overview the hardware and to see if it could at any extent still game.

There are people that need OSX for a work environment that actually game when not working... I know its insane and wacky but it actually happens.

Somebody3455d ago

So a GTX 650M (yes, I see how many times the author stressed how "powerful" it is) powered MacBook Pro with a screen resolution that is beyond what its gaming prowess is capable BETTER and more POWERFUL than a GTX670M/680M (maybe a 590M or dual 680M in the future) powered, specifically designed-for-gaming AlienWare,Falcon North West and Toshiba laptops?