New MacBook Pro shipping update isn’t good news

Product-Reviews writes: If you have money to spend and are immediately looking to splash out on a brand new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, you’ll be disappointed to hear that you now face up to a months shipping time when ordering online.

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danswayuk3416d ago

This is expected for new Apple products, and the iPhone 4S did the same thing within hours, although I wonder if Apple could ever meet demand.

tr00p3r3416d ago

Four weeks is a long wait though..Apple should be doing better.

ngecenk3415d ago

they can but they won't. nobody really expect the retina display will be this huge. its way too many risk to boost up the production at that time.

Jihaad_cpt3415d ago

how should they do better, there are to many constraints, shipping time for materials (which other companies use), then manufacturing can only be increased with price cost to scale until technology production methods can lead to economies to scale.

You are ridiculous the only way to do better would be to push back realise and boost inventory at this time.

caseh3414d ago


I'm no Apple fan but even I acknowledge the fact that if Apple sold a polished turd with an Apple logo there would be ridiculous demand for it.

Going on that, yeah...they should be doing better and pre-empt the fact their crap sells faster than anything else on the market.

Soldierone3415d ago

Call it what you want, its just marketing to me. "We can't even keep up with demand!!!!" Console makers do it all the time, same with a bunch of other electronics makers. It just makes you want it more, and this works perfectly with Apples marketing.

wumster3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Come on man, I'm not even a huge fan of apple but I would never compare a $300 - $500 console to a $2200+ laptop. There is a significant price difference there. You would think that more people are willing to shell out $300 than $2200. They probably didn't believe people would buy it like this.

As for iPhone, soon as those things were available, they were shipping them. Maybe they create false shortages, but judging from the numbers sold in the first week, I think people just buy them. Just look at the lines they form when a new iPhone is released.