iOS 6 beta sets iPhone 5 stage

InEnt writes: During WWDC 2012 Apple announced a number of new products and on the same day they released iOS 6 beta so that devs could download and start to see what all the fuss was about. One thing we do know, with 200 plus updates it will set the stage for the iPhone 5 and make it stand out even more, but has Apple gone far enough with their upcoming mobile OS?

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danswayuk3420d ago

Great hardware will go a long way for the iPhone 5, but the software is what really counts and this is why iOS 6 is very important to Apple.

ricky3603420d ago

iOS 6 has a lot to live up to.

tr00p3r3420d ago

Big disappointment that they are not bringing Siri nav to iPhone 4..guess I'll have to upgrade.

DizzyDino3420d ago

just jailbreak your 4 and get siri. i did and my siri is faster than the 4s. it also does everything that they are putting in ios 6 like opening apps with siri, turning off wifi, sports scores.