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Apple Seriously Embarrassed Google's Android Yesterday

The iPhone 3GS turns three this summer.
You'll be able to update it to Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 6, this fall.
That means once the New iPhone or iPhone 5 or whatever you want to call it launches later this year, there will be four generations of iPhones running the most up-to-date software.
Now, let's compare that to Android.

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Horny Melon3412d ago

This article is a joke. Being able to upgrade a 3 year old phone, which likely has a market penetration of sub 20% of the iphone market isn't a testament to apples greatness. It's a testament to apple selling its consumers a feature poor OS and the same old hardware for cutting edge technology prices.

techspce3412d ago

Thank you to all three of you. I tried to report it as being lame to keep.this stuff off of here. Just want to say though I'm not a fandroid, I recommend iPhones to a lot of people. They are excellent for many things, but they in no way "embarrass" android by having an easier update process.

robep33412d ago

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" when it first came out widescreen,flash,sd card slot,bluetooth,front and rear camera lol even new ipad doesn't have all those features.

Apple could put a sh1t on a stick and if it has the apple logo it would sell!

beardtm3412d ago

Yeah, I can't wait to get IOS6 on my 2 year old IPad. oh wait...

Shadow Flare3412d ago

80% of iPhone users have the latest firmware with latest features.

7%, only a measly 7% of android users have access to the latest firmware and features available. 93% of android users run years old firmware lol.

All I ever see on articles like this are android fanboys slagging apple off, I rarely see apple fans attack android. It's a testament to apple that iPhones are so compatible with the latest features.

Only 7% lol. And that's when their battery isn't dead.

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Soldierone3412d ago

Gotta love the blatant Apple ads we call journalism these days.

Here read this :

Funny....Lets take a deeper look into the features the latest Android OS offers.....notice how a bunch of "older" phones have some of those features? They just didn't update fully. Google isn't lying to you thats the issue. Apple is. "oh yeah you get the latest software, but we really just slapped a number on it, the true update is the latest devices"

Google tries to support as many devices as possible, but when you have companies like Motorola throwing crap out there, and Verizon being greedy, its harder. My GF has an Iphone that can't even use half the apps on the store.....

Aussiegamer3412d ago

Ever tried to use a 3gs with the current software? Ummm I would guess not, its garbage.

Fail article is Fail.

ziggurcat3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

lol @ all the butthurt android users... it's kind of like all the PC elitists beating the same old dead horse any time a game comes out on a console that looks really amazing. you're jealous.

Sarobi3412d ago

Android/iOS Fanboys go way deeper than Console/PC fanboys do in arguments.

fllysurfer3412d ago

consider the demographics... expensive phones are bought by adults for the most part... not snot teenagers the spend their freetime playing games in the basement until supper time.

Aussiegamer3412d ago

@ziggurcat, hmmm not sure what im jealous about....I used to own a iphone 4, switched to a galaxy s2 and now I just bought the s3, if anything im more then happy to comment of both os's and the way I see it people whom normally get their back up are the ones that have only tried the one platform....I think as a whole community as such android users are sick of unintelligent articles (as the one in arguement) that comment on things as they do.

milohighclub3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Yeah it proper but hurt I just upgraded my phone and picked the s3 over the 4s both were same price but I have an IPad and don't need a phone that does the exact same thing and that and the s3 is a quad core beast of a phone. Also I can have the complete back catalog of Nintendo and sega classics on my phone, download anything I want, get 50gb worth of online storage(free) complete google integration.

The reason android 4 doesn't run on older phones is because of the minimum specs required mean its got so much new stuff that just won run on older models due to hardware limitations. which means that the industry and tech will be constantly pushed forward unlike the iPhone which has barely changed or had anything interest happen in years. People will upgrade to the new os and 90% of apples user base will not be able to tell the difference.

smashman983412d ago

riddle me this ziggurcat

exactly how many android devices is 7% of all the android devices compared to the 6 devices in total that are running the newest Ios device

KwietStorm_BLM3412d ago

Yep, jealous of waiting 4 generations of the same phone just to use my own image as the wallpaper. Magical.

ziggurcat3411d ago

... because the first iphone looks *exactly* like the current generation, runs on the *same* OS, and having your own photo as the wallpaper is the #1 *most* important feature a phne should have.

nice try.

KwietStorm_BLM3411d ago

You *completely* missed my point, but yea, nice try.

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Amplitude3412d ago

Android phone + iPod Touch = <3

Wintersun6163412d ago

Android phone + 32GB MicroSD card = <3

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