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Verizon's Share Everything data plans go live June 28th, let you add family for a little extra

Engadget - Verizon has been promising shared data plans for awhile, so it's with some relief (and trepidation) we can say they're here. Share Everything, as it's called, starts off with the assumption you'll want unlimited voice and messages and then bolts on shared data along with a maximum of 10 individual devices: a core plan starts at $50 per month for 1GB of data and requires that you tack on $40 a month for every smartphone, $30 for basic phones, $20 for hotspots and $10 for tablets.

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Soldierone3413d ago

To be entirely honest I don't talk on my phone anyways so I rather keep unlimited data.

When I do talk on my phone its rather quick, or I tell them to call my GF's phone so I don't use all my minutes. It has never been an issue with me. If they undercut my data, well i download most of my stuff on wifi so who cares.