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Time to Buy: Sony offering Free PS3 or Vita to College Students with purchase of select Vaio

TechSpce: Sony is taking a page from Microsoft’s book by offering up a PS3 or a Vita to college students or faculty members who buy a “select” Vaio Laptop.

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Software_Lover3420d ago

No thank you. I can buy a comparable laptop for a much, much lower price, buy a ps3 or vita, and still have some money left over.

techspce3420d ago

What ultrabook is 500 dollars? I'm no Sony Fanboy, but I'd love to get an ultrabook with an ivy bridge i7 for 500 dollars then get a PS3.

techspce3420d ago

I feel like that came off rude and I apologize, not my intention. I am actually in the market for an ultrabook and a PS3. If you know of a 500 dollar ultrabook then I truly want to know so I can buy them lol.

Software_Lover3419d ago

Are you talking about the first ultra book that is on the site, or the one near the bottom?

The first ultra book is 746.+ and doesn't come with an I7. There is an upgrade fee of course. The second ultra book, near the bottom, starts at 999.00.

techspce3419d ago

I'm saying the cheapest ultrabook Sony has is 746 that is a part of the deal. You said you can get a comparable laptop for much, much cheaper and buy a PS3 and still have money left over. So for the market Sony is trying to reach out to is those who want an ultrabook. So to meet your comment, you'd have to find an ultrabook for less than 500 dollars. I'm asking you where there is an ivy bridge i5 ultrabook for less than 500 dollars so I can buy that one and a PS3 separate and save money.

RurouniKaze3419d ago

Can someone please recommend me a decent labtop capable of playing Blu Ray. I just want a Blu Ray capable labtop thatll last and whatnot. Any advice would be gretaly appreciated.

Can I buy the cheapest Vaio and put a Blu Ray dirve in it ?

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Software_Lover3419d ago

Point taken. But it doesn't change the fact that I can find a comparable laptop/notebook (spec wise) and still buy a ps3 and vita. But I get your point.

Here is the only ultra book under 600.00 that I could find. Only problem is I DONT SEE A SINGLE SPEC ON THE MACHINE, lol. I hate that.

So if you're looking for an ultra book then the sony offer is the way to go.

parasit33419d ago

LOL that is fucking awesome. Stab at Microsoft's "Oh have a free Xbox 360 if you buy a PC above $600." - thing is you have to pay ~$50 a year for Xbox Live online gaming. That's how they make their money from this offer. The twist from Sony is PSN online gameplay is free! Am I thinking what you're thinking? Sony's offer FTW! I'm a PC gamer, ironically. Haven't touched a console in years, and like PS3 gamers, I know what free online is.

Soldierone3419d ago

I'm into thin computers,that still have CD drives, (thats why I bought my Toshiba) but thats actually not a horrible price for a good laptop. Can you find cheaper? Yeah absolutely, I think its ASUS that makes really good cheap computers and even Toshiba could compete.

But I got my GF a Sony Vaio and its actually a really good computer. I'd still buy a Toshiba over it, but its really nice and this off is rather hard to pass up, but I have no money. (BTW you could buy this deal, then get a Vita and just flip it on Ebay or something and get 250-300 dollars back. Heck buy a PS3, then go find some cheap games to help inflate the price a little and flip that. Bam a new laptop for 500 bucks)

bahabeast3416d ago

i agree with everything you say except the toshiba laptop, ill never buy a laptop from toshiba the screen WILL DIE 6 toshibas with screen problems already. random friends i would never be soo dumb to buy over and over.

Soldierone3415d ago

I've had mine for over two years now. Use it constantly every day as I help with several websites, and even have pushed it to heat up a lot with media programs. Yet still not a single problem I haven't caused myself.

I don't mind the different view though everyone has different experiences and that is entirely understandable, but my personal experience has been awesome.

I had an Alienware before,the charger broke, the screen went out, the motherboard literally melted because of the graphics card, and Alienware wouldn't just repair it since they get new models every year and this was "out dated" by then. (I bought it less than a year before it broke....) So they wanted me to send mine in and pay for a refurbished computer....and my laptop took nothing off the price at all.

Also every single person I know with an HP laptop has a dead screen right now (thats about 3 or 4 laptops) Laptops in general are still problematic for some reason.....

bahabeast3415d ago

hp is crap also always heat issues