Cool your PC by submerging it in oil

Geek: As any PC builder knows, one of the enemies to a stable system is heat. With a fast (overclocked?) processor and high-end graphics card, thermal management can become a real issue. You could scour the Internet looking for information on the best cooling system for your particular needs, or you could simply take the “easy” route and submerge your whole build in a tank of non-conducive mineral oil.

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SJIND3423d ago

Great cooling method...
If you have a bigger tank with more oil, then there is no need for an cooling system.

fatstarr3422d ago

this used to be such a myth way back.

Soldierone3422d ago

I saw someone doing this with a PS3 a few months ago. Claimed he was putting in water, but it wasn't.

I think its cool, but it really isn't something to buy just yet. I bet we will see cooler looking systems come when more people get into it. plus 700 dollars seems like pure profit for them, someone will come along and do it for 200-300 no issues.

My biggest bet is computer makers will embrace it eventually and start making parts that won't "permanently get oily"

lonix3422d ago

This is so old cmon this has been done years ago.

GamerSciz3422d ago

Done back in 2010...and even before that. But still this is a perfect example of this being old.

MWH3422d ago

good luck changing your hardware in the future.