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Why iOS 6 just stomped out Android, again

BGR: Look, I think everyone was expecting a little more from iOS 6. There are plenty of features Apple didn’t add to the latest version of its mobile operating system. I could literally go on and on about how there aren’t automatic app updates in the background, or how you still can’t access Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from the Notification Center (although Bluetooth is now on the first page of settings making it a little easier), or how apps are still represented by static icons instead of some form of widgets.

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KingPin3420d ago

lets be honest here, the biggest thing Apple got going here is 3D maps and navigation.

if that alone means iOS stomped android, then that would mean every Android version since the beginning has been stomping iOS1-5 for obvious reasons.

Kroganwrex3420d ago

Well, not to mention that Google just announced 3D maps a couple of weeks ago, coming to android. Also, let's not mention that google has had 3d maps on google earth for years now.