The Antivirus Era Is Over

Technology Review: Two weeks ago today, computer security labs in Iran, Russia, and Hungary announced the discovery of Flame, "the most complex malware ever found," according to Hungary's CrySyS Lab.

For at least two years, Flame has been copying documents and recording audio, keystrokes, network traffic, and Skype calls, and taking screenshots from infected computers. That information was passed along to one of several command-and-control servers operated by its creators. In all that time, no security software raised the alarm.

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gaffyh3417d ago

It's not over, it'll just have to evolve and become better.

GamingPerson3416d ago

Why don't the worlds greatest engineers from apple, MS, Sony, IBM, NVIDIA, AMD, INTEL, CISCO & ARM team up and make a super anti virus?

CaptainFaisal3416d ago

Whats the point then? They wont get profits! All anti virus companies create viruses so that you can buy their anti virus! So if they team up what the use? They wont get money so dont get ur hopes up! Although it is a good idea wich i wish can come true!

Dakidog3416d ago


Well if the government can overlook the whole monopoly thing for the greater good, 1 anti virus program from all those companies as the only option and profits split between them would still make nice amounts of money.

fatstarr3417d ago

I totally agree, its time to stop relying on 1 proven method from 2000s era.

viruses are replicating human viruses and changing the game up

DivineHand1253417d ago

But when i clicked to read the full story no article was found.

Crazyglues3416d ago

LMAO... Uh oh is right, your in trouble now, it's clear you have been infected... LoL

Speed-Racer3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

@DivineHand125 - Works for me

DivineHand1253417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

its working for me now. it seems the op must have caught wind of the problem and fixed it.