iOS 6 – Get Excited!

WhatsHawt | Apple just announced the newest iteration of their most popular iOS mobile operating system, iOS 6. It comes with many hotly anticipated features, and some more. Let’s check them out shall we!

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spy20122318d ago

I can not wait one second to enjoy it...

crazytechfanatic2318d ago

On the massive screen iPhone 5 that is! (launch already!)

Cueil2317d ago

so massive that it's still smaller then most of the high end phones

techspce2318d ago

They definitely added some great features, but iOS feels really old. I hope they have some core design change in September with the new iPhone. The new maps are cool and so is do not disturb though.

crazytechfanatic2318d ago

Well, bluetooth still isn't there :P

contra1572318d ago

what are you talking about??? the iphone has always had bluetooth

KingPin2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

LMAO - you should know by now, if Apple doesnt include it, you don't need it. at least thats what they think.

can it set an mp3 as a ringtone without buying an app yet?

GamerSciz2317d ago

Kingpin you have been able to do that for years since the Iphone 3G. Free converters convert your MP3 to a m4r. Not to mention will do any song or even audio from a youtube clip and turn it into a ringtone...So yes, it can and has been able to do that for awhile.

Just not natively through the phone by saying "Use MP3 as ringtone".

GuyThatPlaysGames2317d ago

@Kingpin A simple 10 minute jailbreak can fix that problem. It's the same way with automobiles. Of course the "factory" doesn't put a bunch of stuff on there that you DO want, but what do you do? You go out and put whatever u want into it. Same thing if you ask me.

smartmart2317d ago

@ kingpin
a little fidgeting in iTunes will give you any song you want as a ringtone. no jailbreak required.

Why o why2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Can you send files to another phone using bluetooth....Shouldnt have to jailbreak for simple things like that. Everybody knows what he means..bluetooth on ios has been for headsets only. Stop trying to kid yourselves. Ios has its place and is better than some android lovers give it credit for but im sick and tired of this 'if we aint got it it aint needed' crap iphone guys then flips to normal things that have been around for ages being the i sh*t when apple introduces it.

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crazytechfanatic2318d ago

I meant can't send to other phones files and stuff.

@ KingPin yes, it's one of the new features AFAIK.

AmayaAi2318d ago

There's too much talk going on about iOS 6. It looks good but I don't want to get too hyped.

KingPin2318d ago

you shouldn't be hyped.

its nothing you haven't seen before. all the features have been around for ages. but when Apple uses it, they advertise it like they came out with it first and the Apple fanboys eat it up.

article on the front page claiming iOS6 has over 200 new features, yet including an mp3 ringtone is one of them. really!! really!! shits been around for ages now. thats just one example of many.

Android ICS has far surpassed iOS. there are custom roms out there that even Stock roms cant hold candle to. thats the power of open source, its not limited to what one company thinks they can do.

GuyThatPlaysGames2317d ago

What's the big deal about the ringtones? Ever heard of You act like your phone can't function without it!! Get over it you Android fanboy!

Cueil2317d ago

it's ok KingPin it's pointless to try and stem the tide of the sheep

KingPin2317d ago


hows the free turn-by-turn voice navigation working for you? oh waiting for 3D maps.

call me a fanboy all you want, deep down even you know android has more functionality than iOS. you may be thinking with 200 new features iOS is doing great, but news for you is we had it for years.

so true man, so true.

moegooner882317d ago

great to know, just got an ipad2, perfect timing ;)

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