Apple Unveils New MacBook Air at WWDC

Clickonline writes: "It seems Apple has unveiled details of all new versions of its popular MacBook Air series in the form of new 11 inch and 13 inch designs that have been updated with the latest hardware. They’ve also brought their existing MacBook models up to date."

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colonel1793384d ago

It was NOT a new Macbook AIR, it was a NEW MacBook PRO. It's just that is as thin or thiner than the Air.

LOL_WUT3384d ago

Nice! Apple never disappoints i expect this to sell like crazy.

SJIND3384d ago

All New 15" Macbook pro with Retina, Costs around $2,799.00.

GamingPerson3384d ago

lol Imagine an apple gaming note book. $5,000

Wikkid6663384d ago

The lemmings are already lining up

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