Sorry, Young Man, You're Not the Most Important Demographic in Tech

atlantic writes:

Despite companies' hamfisted, male-focused marketing efforts, women are the dominant users of a wide variety of new technologies.

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FriedGoat3384d ago

Thank ya' very much.
Elvis has left the building.

Horny Melon3384d ago

Is this going to be like the "casual gamer" of last generation? You know the group all hardcore gamers were dumped for that turned out to not spend nearly the amount of cash nor be as dedicated to a given platform? God the gaming industry is full of bad business men.

dead_eye3384d ago

Change the Tech in the title to communication devices and I'll believe you.

I'm guessing all the above comments are by males. Above correct me if I'm wrong.

Soldierone3384d ago

Yeah because who is clueless enough to buy a lot of stupid products? Not you young man, so our efforts go to that group instead!

just like above. The market that has been there, the market that has spent all their money on them, the market that won't go anywhere unless you screw em over, will get screwed over for the new casual market that will come and go when they find something new to grab their attention.

FriedGoat3384d ago

Unfortunately loyalty has no place in business.

Soldierone3384d ago

It does, businesses just enjoy screwing those people over.

How many companies end up crawling back to their loyal buyers after their "casual market" experiences? A ton.

There has to be a careful blend of expanding to please the casual market while its there, and satisfying those that have always and will always be there. You build a company off the loyal buyers, you gain a quick short stream of revenue off the short minded.

level 3603384d ago

I tend to agree on this very much.