Has Android lost its mojo?

Extreme Tech: One of the most striking differences between Computex 2011 and this years’ show is how few Android and ARM devices are being shown. There have been a few demos that highlight hardware from Qualcomm and Nvidia, or show Microsoft’s next-gen Windows 8 running on ARM hardware, but these announcements are few and far between.

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SnakeCQC3387d ago

i love android but the thing that always make me switch back to iphones is the battery life android apps do no have rigorous enough checks there is always something that is a hog and will drain your battery insanely quickly.

Computersaysno3387d ago

That can be one problem but you have to learn to kill apps you aren't using....Iphone's battery life isn't fantastic either versus stuff like the new Galaxy S3

SnakeCQC3387d ago

i recently bought the galaxy nexus and previously owned the galaxy s and htc desire and always killed apps i wasnt using and turned off background data for facebook etc and only let it retrieve emails but battery was still horrible when i checked the app killer program, apps that had been previously been killed popped up again i love android because it is the best google maps experience on any device but battery problems are too dire etm my iphone lasts about 2 and a half days with normal use while most android phones last about 12-15 hours with medium light usage

Computersaysno3386d ago

Maybe you did but i never had battery life problems for the Androids i have owned, and the iphone has never really beaten them battery wise and still doesn't against the S3 i now have