Sony: Morgan Stanley Cuts to Hold; Will They Exit TVs?

Tech Trader Daily:"Morgan Stanley’s Masahiro Ono today cut his rating on the ordinary shares of Sony (6758JP) to Equal Weight from Overweight, and cut his price target to ¥1,200 from ¥1,800, arguing that while the shares are cheap, assigning almost no value to the electronics business, nevertheless there is a lack of catalysts and too much uncertainty about what kind of restructuring may be in store."

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Soldierone3399d ago

If I were them, I'd just jump to budget TV's for the time being. Look at a Wal-Mart, people don't care about quality right now, just the fact this tv over here is really dirt cheap.

When the economy comes back, they can go back to high quality. Till then, create a sub-division, sell dirt cheap TV's, compete with everyone else.

Patriots_Pride3398d ago

your point is mute because I can easily say look at Apple selling Ipads and Iphones for over $600 in this economy.

Also Samsung are on top of the game and are selling TV's like hot cakes. Dont give that Samsung is cheaper than Sony crap because its a horrible misconception started on the inernet.

Sony wins out on price vs Samsung. A year ago, Samsung was the price leader with its brand new range of slim LED TVs, and undercut the market significantly — and made a killing in the process. Sony's caught on and lowered its prices accordingly, and with almost all of its 2011 TVs offers a comparable product at a lower cost. It's surprising, but a Sony TV is actually now a good value purchase.

Samsung offers the Series 7 in two screen sizes — a 55in for $4099 and a 46in for $3199. Similarly, the Sony BRAVIA HX820 can be bought in 55in and 46in sizes but for a few hundred dollars less at $3999 and $2999 respectively. Sticker prices in big retail stores should be at least a few hundred dollars cheaper again for both brands.

Soldierone3398d ago

How is it a horrible misconsumption? Want me to go to the store right now and take a picture of a Samsung TV sitting next to a Sony one for hundreds of dollars less? They are cheaper, its the only reason I bought mine.....Plus i'm not even talking about Samsung. Samsung won by getting to a good price and quality first, they have nothing to worry about.

I'm talking about the budget TV's, note that I said Wal-Mart. You are listing prices in the thousands of dollar range, yet I can find a low budget TV of the same sizes for less than a thousand.....and almost EVERY single time I walk into Wal-Mart I see at least one person either looking at them, or walking out the door with them. Are these TV's good? No, they are not anywhere near the quality of Samsung or Sony, but they are cheap. Thats why I said they need budget TV's, sell em dirt cheap, and compete.

Honestly I will gladly admit I am a big Sony fanboy, but you have to look at the economy right now and what people are buying.

The Apple idea is mute too....what do they sell? Ipods and bigger don't see them touting their over priced computer sales....Sony isn't just ipods, its PlayStations, TV's, Music, Movies....all kinds of things. If they slimmed down to just 3 products, then fine they can put all their money into brainwashing advertisements just like Apple....

Plus look at that market as a whole, everything there is the same high price. TV's are not like that. You want a phone? Come check out all these phones priced at 300 and up. You want a TV? Okay do you want to spend 400 or 5000?

Captain Tuttle3398d ago

They should cut 95% of their TV production, just focus on the high end TV niche. $5,000 and up, Sony's name still means something to that market. Concentrate on gaming, imaging, financial services and medical devices, scrap everything else.

Do it Kaz

GillHarrison3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Bad idea, focusing only on the high-end market is the exact reason Fujitsu and Pioneer left the TV business. There is a crowd that wants a high-end TV but companies also need a vast consumer product line much like Sharp, Panasonic, and Samsung. Sony needs far better pricing options on their low-end TVs.

Captain Tuttle3397d ago

Fujitsu and Pioneer don't have that Sony name.

DJ3398d ago

Scrap everything but one TV model. High end Bravias that are sold at a big profit.

extermin8or3398d ago

they should scrap almost all of it, forget the range of like 35 tv's where none are selling, just make 3, a mid-low range tv, a higher quality smart tv ("d only) and then a 3d version of the higher quality one.... plus the ultra hi def ones for medical uses in operations, then just go for the gaming, phones and services side of stuff; push you're camera's devision and mp3 players into the pone side off stuff and maybe make 1 camera lol and stuff for the movie industry with filming; also use the licenses you own games like spiderman should be sony exclusive as you onw the ip; even if you sub let the games rights to activision; same for 007 lol

Ravenor3398d ago


Movie rights aren't the same as licensing rights in games.

extermin8or3398d ago

fair enough, wish EA would get the bind license back then :/ everything or nothing ftw the new bond games need to be more like that, it's only issues were mainly due to the controls and the fact that the aiming was pre over the shoulder with 1 trigger shoot with a right hand one :p

KYU21303398d ago

actually if Sony did streamline down to one model or one line of TV they would loose their test market for new tech. Typically they sprinkle several lower end TV lines with new features as a way to see what features people respond to and how they respond them.

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