Facebook 'boring'? 1 in 3 users are tuning it out

cnet writes:

Some 34 percent of Facebook users spend less time on the site - boring! not useful! they say -- than they did six months ago, says a poll by Reuters and Ipsos.

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Soldierone3392d ago

It is getting boring. More people are using it less, and the ones using it are doing the same thing which falls under three things

1 Being emo and annoying about how their life sucks
2 Liking stupid pictures, which are worthy of a giggle
3 Posting something random with nothing worth talking about added to it.

Yeah there are ones that fall in between there, but its really losing ground to me. before people were posting anything and everything, and really connecting with each other.

-Mezzo-3392d ago

Guess it is indeed getting boring for many people, even the First Inventor of Facebook himself believes that it is getting boring.

Soldierone3392d ago

He has a good point.

When Facebook got big for me is when it was about connections. "oh hey haven't talked to you in a while!" and that has turned into either someone still talking to me because they learned a little more about me personally, or both of us remembering why we didn't care to talk to each other to begin with.

They really need to develop it further, put in more social interactions and communities or something. Otherwise this "boring" feeling will spread and Facebook will become Myspace.